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clairvoyant, clairaudient, reiki, twinflames / soulmates, relationships, pet psychic

If you are looking for honesty about the connection you have to someone, or are looking for direction in career- these are two of my specialities. Recently I have taken training in Reiki as well, and will send you some loving energy while connected to you. If you have a common name, I will ask for a country or location so I can tune in to you - and not someone living half a world away with the same info.

I have had a kinship with animals since a young age, and as such the animals seem to come to me and I understand them at a higher level and try to communicate what their wanting, you as their human friend, to know. Sometimes I can channel energies or messages from those who have died and crossed over or who are in limbo. Though this is not on my profile ( as i cant control it), in this case, I will give you messages as I receive them in a way that is respectful and as succinctly as possible.

I have been reading people for almost 10 years and look forward to helping you on your journey through life.

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Special E-mail Reading is available ($25.00)
A special reading will consist of a tuning in session to see what I can pick up and an astrological profile including your north node, and Chinese zodiac sign and your animal sign, element etc.