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2020-12-11  K
I loved my reading with Summer. I was very appreciative of my reading with Summer. It was incredibly helpful. Excellent reader. K

2020/07/01  R
Our chat felt really good. I felt like I was talking to a friend or family member and I always remembered that about you. Thank you for your update today and YES I hope very soon I will have some news for you and we can see more! xoxoxo

2019-12-11  E
A lot of psychics will say that they tell it like it is, but in fact do not - but Summer sees with so much accuracy that it feels like she personally has known the individual(s) I am inquiring about. This gives me peace of mind because I feel I can trust her guidance. I feel Summer is very trustworthy. Thank you Summer, again :)

2019-10-22  R
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful and caring insights yesterday. The end of our session came up far to quickly and felt I didn't get the chance to thank you properly for the energy that you put into my reading last night. It is also amazing that you have been reading for me for over 19 years! I recall being so sad and frightened when I came to Psychic Contact for help and over the years I have become much calmer and my life has become more fulfilling as I has been able to better align with my true purpose and the things that are really important in life. Thank you very much for helping me to achieve these meaningful outcomes. 19 years later I now feel a sense of purpose and inner strength that I didn't have way back then. Thank you most sincerely for your profound contribution to my wellbeing over this time. R

2019-09-24  A
Thanks again, Summer, for the clarification on my new job and always providing an accurate reading for me and helping me in my journey through my life. I always enjoy chatting with you since I first chatted with you beginning in 2008 through now and intend to chat with you in long term. Will touch base again soon. Thanks again.

2018-02-05  A
Summer has often told me things that I wasn't sure could happen, but I'm learning to trust her more as she has been right about so many things. Summer told me many months ago that if I continued living in my ex-boyfriend's house with him that there would reach a point he wouldn't want me to leave. Well, that is exactly how things turned out! So Summer was absolutely right on! She has a true gift and it's wonderful that she is willing to share it. Summer has also helped me to grow and evolve spiritually through her great advice. I highly recommend her!

2018-01-20  E
Thank you! The reading was helpful to me.

2017/10/28  C
Hi Summer, I cannot believe how you nailed practically everything you said today. Excellent job, and I will talk to you soon.

2017-02-13  P.C.
Thank you so much, Summer! You are quick and get right to the point and are so sweet!

2017-01-22  X
I love getting readings from Summer. I come to her and things happen gradually like she told me...I don't get false hopes, just the truth.

2016-08-29  S
Thank you, Summer, I will try to heal and focus on myself. I feel better about the situation now and I hope God will give me what is right for me. Thank you once again.

2016-04-22  F
Thank you for today's reading. You certainly picked on some situations and you have been the most close to the situation than others have. I thank you again for your time and hopefully will be back. Thank you for your time and patience.

2015-11-22  Cindy
Summer is very special to me because no matter what is going on she reminds me I know who I am and who I love and I'm only going to soar from here. She's like a mom to me in many ways too. God Bless her.

2015-11-05  L
Lol wow you read my mind! This is exactly what I planned on doing if say they don't finalize the divorce. I already said this. Amazing!

2015-04-07  A
Thanks for your wonderful advice and help.

01/25/2015  H
Summer appears to be accurate. She asked no questions and her insights matched the situation. She required little if any confirmation and was confident in her visions and predictions. I believe they may be correct and hope they are. I will be back to let all know. Thanks for a sound, honest and positive reading!

2014-11-27  CI
I didn't have time to properly thank you for your counseling. I will think hard about everything you told me. Thank you for your time and guidance ! :)

2014-11-10  J
Always an excellent reader and very detailed and to the point. Thank you for the awesome reading.

2014-02-10  C
I could write a book as to why this woman is golden in my opinion but I will keep it brief and simply say she is ethical, brilliant and calming to my spirit. If you have not tried her, just do it you will be so glad you did.

2014-09-14  A
Thank you so much, Summer, for a wonderfully positive reading for me!!!! I am very impressed with your reading you provided to me tonight. It is all positive as always every time I chat with you in readings!!!! You blew me away and am looking forward to chatting with you again next time! Thank you so much!!!!

2014-07-25  J
It was a very accurate, detailed and caring reading. She picked up on a lot of different things. Thank you.

2014-06-24  E
Thank you for such a detailed reading. You're awesome.

2014-06-04  PJ
She is very honest, and gets straight to the point. Clear your mind and focus on the questions you have for her. Great outcome! God bless her.

2014-03-20  Elizabeth
Hello, you were right on point when I spoke to you this morning.

2014-02-23  CindyM
Summer is a wonderful calming influence in my life and I am grateful for every time she listens to me no matter how long or short. She is always honest, compassionate and supportive.

2014-01-18  Jennifer
She was very detailed and accurate. She has a calm sweet spirit about her. She was on point about everything. Thank you

2013-12-08  Patricia
I am dealing with a big change in my life and Summer helped to give me a better perspective on the difficulties. Thank you!

2013-09-24  C
Hi Summer, Thank you again for always being here for me. Your guidance is a true comfort to me and your visions are exciting. I appreciate you and I'm thankful I know you.

2013-10-15  CM
Summer, you are amazing and I love how consistent you always are and how you always teach me something along the way. Talk soon:)

2013-09-24  C
Hi Summer, It's always a pleasure to talk to you and I mean it when I tell you, you are one of the best readers here. I love talking to you and you always make me feel better. Love and Light-C

2013-09-24  J
Hello, it has been a long time since we talked but a lot that you said came true. I just had to tell you everything you said a while back was very true and I thank you so much for everything. God bless you

2013-09--09  CindyM
Summer, thank you for being such a beacon of light. I appreciate you taking the time you do to read for me and talk to me. It means a lot to me to know I can count on you. Talk with you soon. Love and Light

2013-08-02  T
Summer, I cannot begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for you lately. You have just enlightened me in a new way about my love and I feel like I'm just sparkling:) You are amazing and I am so grateful for the time and patience you continue to give me. This is such an exciting and amazing time in my life and to know it's all coming together is fantastic. Thank you again and I will keep you posted on things to come! Love and Light-T

2013-08-08  Cindy
Hi Summer, Thank you for being such a great guide. You tap into my true love so well and so accurately and you read me so well too. I'm truly honored you are here to put into words what is truly in our hearts.

2013-07-30  cari
Thank you for your positive energy. I always feel light when chatting with you. You have a very wonderful aura and way about you. Thank you!

2013-08-02  CindyM
Summer I always feel better after we talk. You really make me see the whole picture and never leave me in wonder. I always just come back to update on what happened next:). Love and Light

2013-07-30  Cari
Thank you for your positive energy. I always feel light when chatting with you. You have a very wonderful aura and way about you. Thank you

2013-07-13  June
Just had a reading with Summer and she truly was amazing. She tuned into me and could see so much. I was taken aback at some of the things she said about me that she couldn't have known and she also gave me guidance for the future and really helped me. I can highly recommend her and I will be back too for more. Thank you Summer.

2013-06-21  C
Very lovely and thank you for the read.

2013-05-15  P
Thank you so very much, Summer. You have been so patient and kind. You are lovely. I'll look forward to another reading with you. Thank you so much! xx

2013-02-27  CindyM
Summer is an amazing person, she really makes you apart of the reading and always surprises and heals you at the same time and she has certaintly done so for me

2013.01-16  AP
Hi Summer! I just wanted to say you were right! We chatted about him earlier. He invited me over Friday so we can watch a movie. He mentioned a movie specifically. So you were sooo right when you said he had plans this week for us to watch a movie. Thank you for your honesty and accuracy :) I am sooo excited that we finally are going to have some alone time! Thanks,Summer!

2013-01-02  Tiffany
Always delightful and wow she picked up on me being sick right away, She's always a pleasure to seek answers from,

2012-10-16  Bridget
God bless you, hon. It was nice chatting with you. I will be back always. Hugs Summer!:).

2012-10-11  Peaches
Thanks so much for your time and help..missed you so much. I will be in touch. Hugs Summer have a great evening.:)

2012-09-26  Peaches
Summer,I enjoyed chatting with you so much. Your readings are awesome. God Bless! I will be back to keep you posted. Hugs!

2012-09-08  Kimberly
Summer is absolutely, without a doubt one of the most accurate, compassionate and kind-hearted psychics I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. Her readings are full of deatil, very consistent, and truthful. She is simply the best!!

2012-07-31  A
Every time I chat with Summer I feel like life isn't so bad. She is my favorite! Always accurate and with a heart of gold, feel like I've made a great friend! XOXO

2012-08-12  L
I just want to say that Summer is beyond accurate and excellent in every way. I always come back to her. If you have a situation that is delicate, etc...please...please contact Summer she will help you, give you hope, not sugar coat anything...very accurate you Summer!!!

2012-08-07  R
Thank you very much for a wonderful reading Summer. I really appreciate your good advice and insights. They make all the difference in my life and help me stay on track during the tough times.

2012-04-15  Rey
Summer was right on target and didnt ask leading questions! I appreciated her honesty and compassion and at the same time being real...not sugar coating!

If you are trying to make a decision, speak to Summer. I was in the middle of making a difficult decision. Summer helped me A LOT. I recommend speaking to her if you have a few choices to make!

Summer is the best. I have done chat readings with her for years, sometimes going months without contacting her and she still remembers little things like my son's name (and we don't chat about him much). When she can tell you're stuck someplace you shouldn't be, she's great at suggesting ways to move on and get closure. I love my chats with Summer and if I ever win the lottery, I'll talk to her much more often .. she really and truly seems more like a friend than someone being paid to chat with you! I would recommend her to anyone.

Summer is simply wonderful...right on track, patient, and compassionate...I feel strongly about her readings, and even when it's not what I want to hear, I still feel she is right... thanks again, Summer

2010-02-03  A
Very accurate and very helpful..brought more peace to me..thank you.

2011-06-07  SAP
Summer is the sweetest. I always enjoy chatting with her, because it seems like she knows before I say it and remembers past discussions.

2005-09-28  MZ
I've been talking with Summer for several years now and all of her readings have been valuable, as well as comforting through some rough periods in my life. Her use of Reiki, her ability to tune into my energy, as well as my spirit guides have helped me tune into my own gut feelings and intuition in some difficult "in the moment" situations over the years. She's also helped me better notice and interpret energy/signs from my spirit guides within situations that I haven't picked up on before. I'm truly grateful and glad she's been here for me and I consider her a friend.

2007-08-09  S
I am a psychic as well, and I use Summer for my own readings, that's how accurate she is. I believe that she doesn't risk being RIGHT to just spew things you want to hear. In fact she actually gets to the meat of the matter despite your own protests. Later on -- you find that she is ABSOLUTELY without a doubt ACCURATE. And that's what counts.

2008-01-06  TSG
Summer has been an added blessing in my life. Her insights and ability to see energies around me has been a source that helps me see a bigger picture and I consider her a true resource.

2009-03-21  MR
The most gifted, sensitive friend...understands the histories and lifestyles of the varied seekers coming into her midst...a seer beyond our imagination and so human in her communications....a dear honor to receive her influence in a reading....

2006-12-06  C
I have known Summer for many years - she has helped me through crises that I could not have dealt with on my own with her gentle advice and accurate predictions - aided and abetted by my guardian angel.

2010-10-04  SG
I have been using the psychic contact site for a few years now. I can honestly say that Summer has helped me work out so many problems in my life. She has given me honest and acurate answers to questions that I just couldnt figure out on my own. She is so caring and thoughtful and has touched my life. I feel we have a special friendship that means a great deal to me.

Clairvoyant, Medium, Intuitive, Psychic, Healing, Tarot, Spirit Guides

I am Summer, a psychic clairvoyant, medium, tarot reader, and reiki master. My lifetime has been devoted to the search for Spirit and Divine Knowledge. My studies are ongoing in the quest for spiritual development. I have been a psychic reader for well over thirty years. I have given readings online, at psychic fairs, for private clients, and over the radio.

As I tune in to your energy, Spirit directs me to answers to your questions and concerns about love, money, work, health, as well as other areas of your life, putting you on a more positive life path. I work primarily with my natural intuitive abilities but when requested will incorporate Reiki and Tarot into your reading. My abilities include contacting the other side and do so with sensitivity to the feelings of those who are here and those who wish to communicate from the other world.

Messages from your spirits guides and angels are also available through me as well as your past life time experiences. Through my clairvoyance I have accurately predicted future events. My readings are honest and compassionate. My motivation is to help you because Spirit honors the messages of the heart.

As a Psychic Clairvoyant, I believe that messages channeled through me are future possibilities, and that you are given the opportunity, through free will, to change coming events. Blessings to you!

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