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Oct,26,2020  Yahana
Shela has done readings for me through out the years She is always kind patient and intuitive. I always enjoy my time with her. Thanks you so much for always making my day!

Jan 27, 2020  Jostew1006
Very good reading!

2019-12-11  Kiddo661
Shela is always there for you when you need her answers all of your questions and one prediction came true already. Please try her shel�s wonderful

Nov 30, 2018  Monica
I just wanted to let you know that you said he would call and he did tonight! I thought it was over. Blessings, Monica

2018-10-01  Azmom
Accurate Prediction :Many months ago Shela predicted that a man close to me would take a different career direction than what was expected at the time. She said something would go wrong and he would not complete his training. He would do another type of work. She was so right! She was the only psychic who made this accurate prediction. It was a surprise to me when it actually happened, but I recalled that Shela had seen that something would go wrong. She was absolutely right and deserves full credit. Love her!

May 27, 2017  dove4peace
Shela, A wonderful and compassionate reader. Always enjoy her reading. thank you

2017-02-03  aflorine2
Thank you so much it was a pleasure talking to you. You were very accurate about the man in question

Apr 9, 2016 10:54 am  Adele
Shela, is very kind. She goes by her feelings and she's very accurate. She won't give you fluff but she will give you accurate information.

Sep 23, 2015 11:50 pm  patycakes19
love talking to Shela as always. the sweetest reader ever! Thank you hun

Sep 18, 2015  Nicole
sweet and kind, fairly general but good reading overall.

Sep 3, 2015  sunilgs
good and fast reading, very happy with the connection, did not waste any time at all. hopefully it will come to pass. God bless you.

May 27, 2015  Goldiewich
Thank you so much for your very inspiring and detailed reading. I felt we made a very good connection and that you were warm but quite heartfelt about what will come to pass. I was doubting my own intuition but feel encouraged and much calmer since speaking with you.

2015-04-21  AT
Shela is my go to reader. She's very accurate and very kind and understanding. She has really helped me make some hard decisions and she hasn't disappointed me!

2015-02-01  tooster
Fantastic, gave me quick answers which I needed and will receive positive news about the guy I like and also job offers in a short period of time. Thanks Shela will be back and I recommend to others.

2015-02-01  barnabas
I really enjoyed connecting with you, Shela. It had been a long time, and I appreciate your insights and encouragement.

2014-10-15  vaishali
She is amazing reader.. very calm and patient. It always feels better after talking to her. Very accurate in her readings and very compassionate.

2014-08-09  CindyM09
Shela is a great reader, her calming nature and her sweet and compassionate energy is why I keep coming back. She will literally pull you from the dark hole and into the sunshine.

2014-09-02  lrude1983

2014-08-24  James
very good reading

2014-08-13  James
I have talked to Shela today. She is very accurate about everything; I must say that she is an asset to your site, I love talk to her,she has told me a lot of things which are only true. Highly recommended . . . choose her for best reading on this site :)

2014-05-08  arbutus87
Having had a few readings with Shela, I know that the connection that is there between her guides and the spirit consciousness is very clear and strong, and accurate. Wonderful reading!

2014-03-07  lydia88
Very good reading by Shela, I really hope what she says comes true. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Nov 3, 2013  Junie
Shela really helps me with her guidance and gives me hope for the future when it seems there's no hope. thank you so much Shela fab as always xxx

Oct 15, 2013  Robin
Dear Shela, thank you so very much for the in depth reading you did for me. I gratefully appreciated it. I miss John very much and I am glad he sent a message. I am going to be online tomorrow morning for my birthday so I can talk to him :). I love you and thank you so much again.

Sep 29, 2013  Junie
Shela really is fab and she is like a friend who guides you but she is spot on too with what she knows. She is like an angel and I feel so much better having spoke with her. Amazing xxx

Sep 28, 2013  peaches6
Thanks Shela for clearing out the situation with me :) i happy about the news :) i will be in touch and i will be patient. i will keep you posted always, i enjoy readings with you always:) *hugs* have a Great day! :)

Sep 22, 2013  peaches6
Thanks Shela for clearing all this siutation with me and Bj too;) i will let you know if he brings flowers too lol:) your a great friend too :) i will be in touch always :) *hugs* :)

Sep 17, 2013  Robin
Thank you. I am appreciative of this reading. I am looking forward to the new job :)

Sep 9, 2013  muki
Read with amazing accuracy..unless she is another reader on this site, she would not have known many details about my relationship with my she is very good. And knows what she is talking about. The real deal. Thank you!

Sep 3, 2013  Robin
as always, Shela is an amazing and gifted reader. she has enabled me to communicate with the love of my life who died almost 3 years ago.

Aug 13, 2013  reytosha
I've been reading with Shela off and on for over a year and she has always zoned right in the situation. With great insight and strong empath regarding emotions. I've read over my chats and realize her predictions came to pass at some point. She is always encouraging and puts me at ease. I truly believe she is gifted with Angels and God on her team.

Aug 7, 2013  Robin
Thank you for the reading.

Jul 23, 2013  Tiffany
Hi Shela, Thank you for all the time you took today to talk to me, you made me feel so much better. You really key into me so well and you always make me feel welcome and that I can talk to you about anything. That's so cool to me and I really appreciate it so much and you are more than worth the time and the money for sure. Talk to you soon Im sure. Love and Light

Jul 18, 2013  yahana
Shela...thank you for your time today...I really appreciate your advice.

Jul 13, 2013  peaches6
enjoyed my time with you, thanks for telling me the good news with my dearest Brandon :) i will always be in touch and keep you posted too :) have a great evening, love and hugs to you also Shela, this is Bridget(peaches 6 user name). real name is Bridget :)

jojo301071  Jul 8, 2013
Thank you Shela for keeping me positive and telling me all will be ok

Jul 8, 2013  Tiffany
Hi Shela, You seem to have the ability to make me laugh, cry, blush and melt when you talk about my baby. I truely feel his love and I know he feels my love for him. Im gonna get some rest, Goodnight and sweetdreams. Talk soon. Love and Light

Jul 5, 2013 12:40 pm  peaches6
Thanks Shela for everything , i m so happy i was able to touch base with you:) i will be back to keep you posted for sure and keep i n touch i wish you love, joy and peace. and i send you positive energies from the universe too :) *hugs*:)

Jul 2, 2013 2:29 pm  CindyM09
Loved the reading and I love your energy. You are so gifted and motherly.Talk to u soon

Jul 3, 2013 9:28 am  kelli
Thank you for the insight this morning. You confirmed a lot of things for me and put my soul at ease for the moment. I will keep positive and keep praying for the best. Thank you for sharing your gits with me today. You are a great reader and I appreciate your truthfulness. Take care and talk to you soon.

Jun 26, 2013  CindyM09
Amazing reading, what a great way to end the evening:). You really touch me with what you see and feel, you are truly a messenger of love and hope. Talk to you soon. Love and Light

Jun 7, 2013  Irene
Very intuitive & great adviser! Thank you so much!

Jun 7, 2013  caricat
Thank you :) your gift is a blessing.. thank you for all your insight.

Jun 2, 2013  caricat
very lovely to chat with you.. very compassionate, very kind and thank you for all your help through this process I am learning to trust and not live through the old feelings and fear I need to let go.

May 31, 2013  patycakes19
Shela is so positive and caring. I can feel her warm energy around me. Totally worth it!!! Loved her and I will be back =). Try her out and you wont be disappointed. Thank you!!

May 29, 2013  CindyM09
I love talking to you, it is worth it to do so. I feel good and Im excited about things to come, as for my dad he can watch over me but he needs to be where he wanted to be. Love and Light

May 25, 2013  CindyM09
I always feel uplifted when we talk now I really gotta tone down the spending a bit and get back on track with the budjet. Too many expenses lately but thats okay its been worth it. Have a fabulous weekend Love and Light

May 15, 2013  Christine
he came back last week and apologised and begged me to take him back. He is changing by HIMSELF i thank you shela for all those months u stood by me thanks

May 12, 2013  Joann
Thank You, Shela I do appreciate your attention to my message.. Thank you so much,much :) Talk to u soon Joann

Mar 26, 2013  Robin
Thank you for my reading from yesterday.

Mar 22, 2013  Harry88
Sorry i didnt see the time ran out, thankyou very much shela i got just what i needed from speaking to you. Amazing!

2013-03-15  Renata
thank you so much for all your amazing and kind much appreciated,you are amazing dear Shela and lots blessings and love and light you

Mar 15, 2013  Robin
Great reading

Jan 25, 2013  EG09
Thank you so much. The reading was very positive and uplifting. I'm really looking forward to the outcome. Will keep you posted. All the best to you :)

Jan 30, 2013  STAR7777
Thank you for your reading today. It was very well and accurate, and yes i do need to keep my mind calm and at ease. G-d bless. x :)

Feb 8, 2013  meghuramakrishna
we connected instantly and she knew exactly my problem,will be coming back often.Thanks friend:)

Jan 26, 2013  brendaho
I felt so much better after my reading. I think she's a gem. Thank you again.

2013-01-15  moonlitvivica
I felt an inner happiness as soon as she said she was connecting with me and I feel much calmer now. It was like chatting to a friend. So happy with the service. Now to see if it works out for me. I feel that it will. Thankyou :-)

2012-12-29  arcanerawker
Shela, You almost had me in tears (good ones) at the end of that reading. I needed to know if moving forward with Keith was the right move...I felt it was in my heart. He has treated me like I am pure gold, and I know he wants to move forward with me (he has told me, but has reserved himself due to Tony...he knows of my circumstance). I want to feel that for the rest of my life... I have spoken to several people in the "line of work" you do... So far, only you and a person who has become a good friend has understood me to the depth you did for the first time speaking to me. I'm slightly empathic, and I felt you here in my bedroom... (And I still feel your presence lingering around in here...) I can't thank you enough...

2012-10-20  CarlaR40
I love talking with Shela, she gives you hope and tells the truth no sugar coating. I can't go a day with out talk to her she is a blessing to me.

2012-10-18  vtm6
Shela, thank you so so much for the reading! You are very blessed and you sharing your gifts is VERY much appreciated! I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to contact you today! I'm at such peace and just so optimistic about my situation right now after hearing your valuable insight, just remarkable! I look forward to chatting more in the future! THANK YOU!

2012-10-18  Robin
As always, you are an angel. Thank you so much for brightening my world.

Oct 10, 2012 3:12 pm  jaynethreadgold
Thank you so much for my reading , I am so happy to have talked with you. Thanks a million times. :)

2012 -10-10  jaynethreadgold
Thank you so much for my reading , I am so happy to have talked with you. Thanks a million times. :)
Wonderful Person :)

Sep 13, 2012 2:49 am  CindyM09
Hi Shela Thank you for your time and patience this evening. I needed that clarity very much.

Sep 13, 2012 7:15 am  Raquel70
Thank you Shela for the wonderful insight. You are very sweet and tell it like it is. You pick up on things and people right away. I will keep you informed of the outcomes! Im so excited! Hugs to you, Raquel

Aug 20, 2012 12:15 pm  Sara
Hi dear Shela! It was a very nice experience to talk to you. I read your profile and saw that you are new at psychic contact. I contacted you since you are connected to the angels. I feel connected to them as well and I do feel God's protection beside me. I send you much love!!! Sara

Aug 29, 2012 8:55 am  Sarainlove
Hi Shela! It really is a blessing to have known you. Thanks for your reading.It's so nice to have met an angel like you! We'll talk again soon! love!

Sep 7, 2012 2:11 am  sarah347
Great session. she tapped in very fast. On point i look forward to the prediction happening for me

2012-08-19  AlisonF
Shela really takes the time to connect with her clients. & responds immediately with excitement and verve. Offering loving comments and deep insight to her clients. She made me feel safe and connected. She also makes spiritual suggestions that really help. Thanks, Shela!!!

08-16-12  Claire
thank you so very very much you have been amazing

08-11-12  Unknown
Thank you for your eye-opening reading tonight. I know you're new to the site but you certainly have a fan in me already. You were very kind and thoughtful and I appreciate that. I will look forward to more reading sessions with you.

Angel Guides, Clairvoyant, Healing, Relationship Specialist

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