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2019-09-21  Marguerite
Hi Raven, Thank you so very much for clarifying this question, good to know, and I would be happy to receive a notice in case you find something else I should know, then I will chat with you! Hugs and blessings for now, and forever by the way, lol. Maggie

2016-05-27  From: kirsty
Hi raven... just wanted to say you were right about me getting job and you were right about the pneumonia being gone in hoping the prediction about Q returning comes true, i have faith in you god bless you

2016-11-14  From: Emma
Sorry I lost connection. I was able to read what you said after I lost the connection and I will be careful and keep my guard up. I feel I did a good job about that this weekend and I will do that to keep myself emotionally safe. Thank you for the insight. He's not a bad person, just a little stubborn and dumb at times. I will be careful and keep options open. Chatting with you gives me peace. Thank you very much.

2016-04-10  Adele
Hi Raven, you are so kind, I have no words. I will save your message and follow your advice to the T.... What you are saying for me to do gives me hope. Thanks again, and God bless!

2016-01-30  CindyM09
Raven is a fantastic reader I really enjoy our chats and she gives wonderful feedback too. Highly Recommend her:)

2016-01-03  Maggie
Dear Raven, so sweet of you to bother, but I am not sure there is so much of these sites as there is in America. But now I have more time to go into investigations online, and I do appreciate your good advice! Will see what I find, and give you a feedback if so. Happy New Year to you too, and thank you for reading. Blessings from me to you:)

2015-04-03  Emma
I just wanted to say thank you for the answers, peace of mind and guidance. I was questioning myself in terms of moving on, but you validated my desire to want to pursue this relationship. Thank you again for all the insight.

2014-11-08  Summer2244
Great Reading Today very accurate and detailed! Will return soon with update

2014-10-17  Summer2244
Thank you Raven for the always honest reading, very detailed and always picks up directly on my situations.

2014-08-01  Summer2244
Great reader and very detailed. Picked up very well on my situation.

2014-07-06  kelli
Thank You Raven for the beautiful reading and confirmations of everything. You have put a little ease in my life for not to worry so much or try to hard and that I'm doing the right things already. I will keep you posted as time trudges on. Thanks again. Raquel

2014-05-14  Mirjana800
Thank You!

Just wanted to thank you for being so patient with me and being there for me -- I really need it when it gets so emotional like today. You are really nice to talk to, and very easy to talk too. Big hugs from here. Will call you soon again. . . Mirjana. . .

2014-02-10  Kristin
From: Kristin
Thank you for a wonderful reading
Feb 10, 2014 11:55 pm

Hi, Raven: I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed chatting with you this past weekend and for receiving your supportive reading about my friend. When the song You're Still the One unexpectedly came on the radio during your reading, there was no plausible explanation. I asked my husband about it, and there's no alarm on the Sirius radio system. Very strange indeed. When I looked up the lyrics, there's a line in there that refers to the singer wanting to go deep in the desert yet longing for snow, and I couldn't help but smile as my friend visits AZ every weekend, yet was raised in the Midwest and hopefully enjoys coming to his Chicago home during the week closer to me. Ha! Ha! Also, ironically, you made reference earlier in our reading to him being the one for me (in those exact words) before the song played. Anyway, just thought you'd get a kick out of that! Thank you again for your guidance, Raven.

2013-12-13  james2244
Thank u Raven u helped me so much! U were very accurate kind and patient and very understanding will contact again! Thank u!!

2013-06-13  Isimmo06
Thank you, You have helped me so much in this very moment. I am going to remain positive about it all. I really have a good feeling about D..... and I see myself with him. So I hope I will be able to encourage him to better himself for the greater good. You always pick up on the situation and give good advice. Thank you

2013-04-30  patricia
Raven is a fantastic reader.. she can see exactly what I'm feeling at times & is very honest and compassionate. Also will give advice and is patient with you. Give her a try!!! adore her! Thank you.

2013-05-25  janayjean
Reader : Raven, you're amazing at what you can pick up. I love that you even remembered me.

2013-01-18  alina
hi raven i jus wanted to say thank u..your prediction did come true..i knew i was going to spend time with him at his house but he surprised me by asking if i was hungry lol and we went to dennys which is good cuz i like dennys but u were soo right about the surprise and the fact that he was gonna show me some of his projects art projects that he had done in the past.. i had a wonderful time and was glad we were able to spend some time :) thank u for ur patience and time with me and for always answering my questions :)

2013-01-14  arlafountain
Thank You!

From Scarlette, to Gabriel, to what lies ahead in the next few weeks, I have some peace of mind and I appreciate it so much! I'll be back to chat soon :) Be Well, Anna

2013-01-10  Stephanie
Thank you

Thank you for your kind words and healing reading tonight. I feel that my relationship with .... will be restored and I will find a fulfilling career job and increase my education in the future. I will keep you updated as things progress. Hugs and blessings to you. Stephanie

2012-12-29  arcanerawker
Best advice I could have received:

Raven, I wanted to take the time to thank you for listening and giving me some very sound advice. I am glad that I consulted you regarding this matter. I hope things turn out for the best (before I let everything get the best of me). Thank you!

2012-11-16  sarainlove
Hello Raven! I just wanted to say that my exam went beautifully!!! I am SO happy. Thank you very much for your readings. It was like you said. The professors were all very open to the project and we discussed it friendly. They are supportive and this is beginning of a very beautiful phase. Scotland is waiting! It was a sunny day, and I was filled with positive energy.A bit nervous but very self-confident. My thoughts were with you before going in. Lots and lots of love. I love all here on psychic contact, sara

2012-25-10  Carla40
Thank you Raven and I will continue to pray for that too. God bless you for coming into my life at this time of need.

2012-10-20  Amarie1121
I didn't get the chance to thank you for everything. You have confirmed what other readers have said to me. You had excellent insight into my situation and put my mind at ease. Thanks again

2012-09-28  mrshill06
I was quite the skeptic before having this reading. But, after talking to Raven, I am a believer. She was RIGHT ON with SO many things! She gave me such great advice and I will DEFINITELY use her again!

2012-10-07  mekie
She very straight forward with her answers. Thank God for her! May she continue to use her talent to bless others.

2012-09-14  athenamtl
Hi, the session ended and I was not able to say good night. You are powerful...I don't know how you found that i had 2 boys...this is way more precise information than i ever expected to get. I had major goose bumps. I'll be back. Thank you. Christine

2012-08-31  sarah347
Raven,is the best. she gets to the point. she's very thoughtful and considers your feelings. she explains to you in detail. great reading. thank you so much. blessings unto you. MG

2012-07-22  stormy57
From: stormy57
Jul 22, 2012 2:48 pm

thank you raven, you were direct with compassion, no fluffy hopes but encouragement to accept things as they are and move on.

2012-08-10  violetrose12
I think Raven is great she delivers sound advice and she is very practical. Her readings have been very accurate for me!

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