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Empath, Medium, Tarot , Clairsentient....Claircognizant, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Pendulum, Life Coach

Im an Empath, a Psychic Medium,Tarot Reader, I do Pendulum Readings as well. I incorporate a Tarot and Psychic Reading together, I believe it gives me the tools to give you the most thorough and accurate reading possible. Im very honest with my clients about what I see. Im Clairvoyant (the art of *clear seeing* which is not usually perceived with traditional sight), Clairsentience (the art of *clear feeling* with my physical body), Clairaudience (the art of *clear hearing* either in a physical sense or with my minds inner hearing), Claircognizance (the art of *clear knowing*. That is when I have an awareness or thought previously unknown to present itself as being the truth. And Clair-empathy which is the art of *clear feeling* of others emotions) Im a Life Coach as well... I give guidance and advice based on a lifetime of personal experience.
I have been in private practice for twenty-seven years. Being an Empath helps me to connect emotionally as well as psychically. My clients are my main concern. I believe my clients deserve the very best I can do for them because I am sincerely honored that you would entrust me with things that are so very personal and private. My goal is to help in every way I can to help you find the answers you are seeking

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Special E-mail Reading is available ($35.00)
As part of my services I offer email readings for $35. Im an expert in matters of love, career, money,and relationships. I will give you a three month compass of any of theses areas. this reading will help guide you through with an in depth reading. If you would like to purchase a Special email reading I will have it prepared for you within 2 days.