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2019-04-09  Marisa
Your readings gave me faith and hope in this relationship. Thank you so much, Miracle, for honesty, care, and insight. M.

2018/11/10  Sharon
Miracle's "Undiscovered mysteries of the Universe" is a book that has changed my life forever. I feel that for a large part of my life I have been walking around lost and confused trying to understand what was going on around me, almost understanding, but not quite. After reading this book, it was like a whole new world opened up to me, and things started to make sense finally. I reread the book already several times, and every time find something new, special, and wonderful. I can't thank the author enough for writing it. It will help many people with their journey through life.

2017-11-26  Beruska
Miracle's advice proved to work indeed once again. In 2016 May, she advised me to write a letter to the Universe about my soulmate and love I wish to meet. I did write almost 2 pages long letter and asked to meet that guy at the right time.

The letter was very detailed and specific however mostly asking for wonderful inner qualities, rather than looks, etc. And this year, 2017, in summer, I met an amazing man and few weeks later, as I was rereading my letter to him about my soulmate, I and even him were so amazed because the letter was all about him!!! How exciting that the law of attraction along with gratitude and belief ask and you shall receive. It works!!!!!!!!!!

But, definitely without my lovely friend Miracle, her kind guidance and wise advice..I do not think, I would be able to write the letter and who knows, maybe not even meet my lovely soulmate!

08/21/2017  A
Miracle opens your eyes to see things from a different point of view in a funny way. Even closing door for he most painful and difficult situations. Give yourself a Miracle and try it out. Regards, A.

2017-04-25  lsimmo06
Dear Miracle, thank you so much for helping me to unblock myself and manifest a great job for me. I'm so happy. Your Seven Keys continue to surprise me and make my life so much better. Congrats on becoming a featured reader. Your Latoya

2017-02-03  dove4peace
Miracle, Was and is truly a miracle. She was honest and compassionate with our reading. very good.

2017-01-16  beruska
Dear Miracle, Just wanted to share wonderful news and thank you once again for all my amazing changing. I got the best job i dreamed about in my town! I surrendered and said to the Universe as you advised what is the best job for me, I shall receive! I'm soooooo excited, they were pleased to offer the job they said I'm lovely girl and perfect match for the job role! How kind of them! They even offered me those money higher then advertised!!!! Soooo cool. I'm sooooo happy! Thank you for teaching me how to manifest this job. You are the main catalyst for most of my inner changes. How blessed I am to have you in my life. Your method, Seven Keys to the Universe, when applied are Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just a job but it proves all can be manifested if its in love and light.

2016-12-07  Isimmo06
Dear Miracle, Thank you so much for your help and insight. I am happy that you are such a caring person. Thank you for providing me with your method, Miracle's Seven Keys to the Universe to release my ex mentally and to manifest all my dreams into life.

2016-09-17  beruska
To be honest, Miracle, is possibly the most caring and kindest counselor I have ever met. I started chatting with her on regular basis, back in the middle of January, when a boy, I thought of as my soulmate told me that he wanted to stay only friends .

All my dreams were vanishing into nightmare. Then, Miracle boost my inner wisdom and love towards myself with her guidance, constant support, even via messages (which are free of charge) as shegives as much as she can to support, comfort, hug with her kind words and just sooth many times my inner pain though not to boost my cries in any way.

Many times, I have spoken to her, crying and winging and she with her kindness helped me to calm down, stop crying completely but I did not feel at least being shut down by simply saying do not cry.

She helped me to help myself. She helped me to heal myself. She taught me to be a teacher. She told me about the Universe and my Guides and angels. She gave me advice how to improve my diet and eat well, food that I love and that gives me all my body needs.

She is ALWAYS there. I am not joking! Even at the weekends, I did need advice, she came online to chat, not many readers would do that. Not many even answer their message box. Miracle does!!

If you need someone to guide you so you can learn to heal yourself and become independent and self reliant and not to care what others think but at the same time love them and let them go without pain (as I did let go off that boy, as I allowed my love to soothe my inner pain and not to feed my ego which by the way, is Miracle Key 4 principle content!!)

Also, she helped me to discover my inner creativity, so nowadays I play more of my piano than ever before and sing happy songs all day long! Even at work!!

I also healed my health and lots of other emotional issues I suffered from since last summer 2015. Miracle guidance let me realize the reasons of my weakness and disease. Of course, I used homeopathic treatment and follow amazing diet however I would never get there without her help!!!

I really love this lady, she is like a fairy god mother to me and treats me like her own daughter and that means A LOT to me, especially after losing my mummy and daddy few years ago.

If you are thinking of choosing the right advisor, here she is, at least for me, she is the best and I do trust her, I am grateful for meeting her here!

2016-09-02  Isimmo06
Dear Miracle!

Your Seven Keys make wonders! I want to thank you for all of your help. Using your Seven Keys has been a great help in my life. I am starting to see the importance of writing, speaking, and thinking positive words. My loved one treats me much better. I am starting to gain my confidence back.

2016-06-28  Neta
I have been talking to Miracle for a little over 3 months now; she has become my friend and really even more than that. My conversations with her are always so very powerful, healing, and uplifting. I have gained so much knowledge from her. I have been learning about her keys and applying them in my everyday life; in which I am already noticing positive changes in myself.

I am already not the same person that I was before I started talking to her. I am very grateful that I have crossed paths with her and anyone that talks to her will agree with me that she is the real deal. She truly does care a lot about helping people as she has already helped me a lot.

So I want to say THANK YOU MIRACLE for everything and I really appreciate all you have done for me. I mean that with all my heart. Anetra

2016-06-04  Isimmo06
Miracle is the best thing that has happened to me this year. I am so happy that she has come into my life. She really cares about what is going on in my life. I talk to her daily to give updates on my situation. She has taught me to be positive and powerful using her 7 keys. Thank you Miracle for another great chat and they are always uplifting and energetic.

2016-05-28  Neta
I started using Miracle's Seven Keys to the Universe just recently. They already make my days so much better! For instance, on my way driving to work in the afternoon I really had to use her Keys because I started to feel the negative thoughts coming on in my head or just a bad attitude about everything I am tired of about my job and how I don't feel like working. Anyway so I used her method and then I was in a great mood. I showed up to work in a great mood and I was in a great mood my whole time at work even on into the night. If I didn't use Miracle's Keys like I did driving on my way to work I would have showed up to work in a bad mood with a not great attitude. So to say my day at work was GREAT!! I recommend everyone to learn about them and use them daily: it's easy, it's fun, and it will make your life so much better and happier. Thank you so much for her support.

2016-04-15  Isimmo06
Dear Miracle, Thank you for another great session! I am becoming stronger because of your very special keys after only using two of the seven keys. I am so excited to learn about the next key. I am ready to laugh at my past. I am so happy that I have found you and you care so much about me becoming stronger. I am starting to focus on myself more and more, and I understand that I need to love myself more. Thank you for your help. You are the most caring reader on this site.

2016-04-25  lsimmo06
Miracle is the best reader I have ever talked. I had readings with a lot of readers on here since 2006. I have had some readers that help me. I am so glad that Miracle is there to advise, heal, and support me. She has been the most helpful because she had open my eyes and helping me turn my negative mind into a positive mind. I can tell she really care.

2016-04-19  Meherc
Miracle is one of the best readers on PC. Very positive, motivating and to the point. It feels so good after chatting with her. Thanks.

2016-04-14  Fav
I'm never one to write a review usually. Ive had readings done by miracle the past 6 months, and all I can say is she has been nothing short of great! She's very exact in all the matters close to my heart. And I've healed so much with her guidance. I feel truly blessed to have crossed her path x

2016-03-30  beruska
Since the end of January 2016 I have been in touch with my dear Miracle on regular basis and it has been a wonderful, happy, peaceful of times in my life. She became my friend, teacher and I could even say counselor in every area of my life that needed and still needs healing. I became so happy and balanced thanks to her 7 Keys principles as they are wonderful keys to open hidden treasures and gifts within oneself but also great powerful healing tools that help to lock no longer needed or painful chambers from past. THANK YOU Miracle for being genuinely kind and caring.

2016-03-29  ay.angel
Miracle has been wonderful in providing support, insight as well as practical steps in working towards improving my life. What I notice is how a session with her always feels uplifting, and her sincerity to help is always evident. She is a wonderful friend to have, and a great confidante as well as advisor. Thank you Miracle:)

2016-03-27  dmb631
Dear Jayson, I am sending you this email because I would like to take the time to thank you for having Miracle to be part of your psychic readings website. Tonight she has made my mother and I very happy with her readings in regards to our dog who had passed away 6 months ago. She was able to give us hope and was able to clarify about what we were having doubts of if it's best to get another dog. With everything that she had told us gave us the opportunity to see a better way for us to be happy once more. Miracle is a very sweet, lovely and a wonderful person. She gave us positive attitude and understood everything that has been going on. I would recommend so much people to her with just about anything, especially with people like my mother and I who had lost our pet who is a part of the family. I'm so happy that I chose her as a guidance to life and I know everyone else will.

2016-03-19  Neta
Hi Miracle I want to give you a big thank you again for all of the great messages that you had for me. Everything that you talked about was very helpful to me and I just left the chat reading with you feeling more positive about my future.

2016-02-13  allowthegood
I felt very peaceful getting this reading from Miracle. She is quite measured, and steady. The information she provided was validating, and I will be back again for another chat. Thank YOU.

2016-01-26  beruska
I first met Miracle online around October 2015, she seemed really kind and understanding, though I have not talked to her again until the 16th of January this year. I was very sad and distressed that evening and she completely switched my negative and destructive way of my thoughts into a peaceful, positive and happy flow within my mind. And it was only in 40 min or so that my thoughts shifted so radically. Since then, we have been in touch and she became my wise guide, helper, kind friend with a loving heart and compassion. She can bring the best in you and all this comes with no control or suggestions with any kind of persuasion or manipulation, I make my own free choices in my life BUT I am always open to those who are positive, happy, loving and kind, willing to help and heal my those I am willing to listen and learn so then I can help others as well. And Miracle also reminded me how special I am and How much I need to look after myself and Love myself. Thank you Miracle you are a rare gem and precious treasure. I highly recommend Miracle, she is always there to help me and as much as she is very busy lady in her own life, she never forgets about others!! Her guidance and loving approach will definitely make a big impact on your life!!

2016-01-26  cecipalacios
Miracle is honestly a miracle. She has helped me through so many unanswered questions and so many confusions. She knows exactly what she talks about and says things before I have the chance to say it. Thank you for everything you are a great friend. You've helped me grow as a person.

2015-12-30  Hongnguyen70
I asked God to save me and you were brought to me. Thank you ever so much Miracle for coming into my life. You have helped me to become a brand new Hong, my life has changed to better in many ways. I now use your Keys in every situation and it works wonderfully every time. It's the most powerful method I have ever came across... Thank you for everything. You are my Miracle! Love, Hong

12/07/2015  Yahana
Miracle is a very caring and nurturing reader. She really helps get to the root cause of your issue so that you can truly resolve what is ailing you. I always appreciate her insights. Give Miracle an opportunity to guide you; you will not regret it!

2015-11-21  Patycake19
Miracle is literally a miracle come true!

She is by far the most talented reader I have talked to. She is super accurate and on top of it all she is very caring and loving. If you are unsure, take this as your sign to talk to her now!

I can not wait to be back for more powerful information, even more than what I already got told. I am speechless.

Thank you again!!

2015-11-15  Angel41468
Miracle is just that, my Miracle.

I had asked for a sign and she was brought to me to help and guide me and she has done just that. It's crazy how alike we are and how much she knows about me.

She is amazing. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed!

2015-11-14  CindyM09
Miracle has become a favorite reader of mine.

She is my Russian fairy godmother and everything she says has happened and that is phenomenal.

Treat yourself you wont regret it.

2015-11-03  melle35
Hello Miracle, I am the one who thank you so much for your time and help. I am happy with my session with you and planning to come again soon.

2015-11-03  kellyr
Miracle is a compassionate and talented reader.

She channeled my angels, guides, and ascended master, answering my question without me even having to ask.

A reading with Miracle is incredibly healing! I will be back!

2015-10-08  azraella
Miracle is definitely one of the most accurate reader I have come across. It's been my 4th session with her in the past week (obsessed I know) and time and time again she has been dead point about everything. If you're a skeptic like I was give her a try I guarantee you would not be disappointed!! She would always be my own personal confidante and miracle.

2015-10-08  Kim74
Miracle is an amazing reader and healer. She saw right into my situation and offered me guidance and in-depth insight that was more helpful than any I have encountered. She didn't sugarcoat, or tell me what she thought I might want to hear. Instead, she told me something that I might have found difficult to hear, but I felt liberated and healed (in part because she confirmed my own intuition) and also because I was able to see the many blessings and bright future possible for me. Thank you again. I look forward to talking with you more.

2015/10/05  "M"
Miracle is an angel from God. A real one! She is all about healing you and helping you. She will feel your pain but also fix it at the same time. She will advise you what the next steps are and how to find the right path. Miracle cares and loves you - unconditionally! She has no limits, she has the power to communicate straight to the Angels and the messengers. Please trust her and her powers. She will heal you so you can help others. We all are connected with each other and have a mission to help each other in return. She is a loving soul.

2015-10-02  pebbles777
Miracle was very in tune to my situation and gave many ways to help turn it around. If you want to do something to change your circumstances as well as receive psychic advice, then Miracle is for you! Thank you

2015/10/01  Alethea
An absolutely incredible reading! Miracle was caring, articulate and was able to focus the most dire areas within my life and I would highly recommend her!!

2015/10/01  SOPHIE
Thank you for an amazing reading!! Miracle has a lovely positive energy, is extremely insightful with the information that she receives from the Angels and I loved to chat with her. She's very supportive, loving and knowledgeable and truly gifted in understanding the situation and relaying the messages that she receives from Spirit. A very generous and healing soul, I thoroughly recommend her. Love and blessings xx

2015/09/29  arisa78
She was amazing! She was so nice and helped me how to be a supportive friend :) Thank you so much for all your help... Everything was on point and I can feel how much it means to you to help my struggled soul. Bringing miracles to their life :)

2015/09/30  "Anonymous"
I have had the privilege of being able to access a massive source of intuition, foresight and counseling from Miracle.

Being a person of spiritual gifts myself, I was in search of a Mentor and Life Coach to help me tap into my full potential and explore the uses for these gifts.

My sessions with Miracle have enabled me to further understand my life's purpose and expose more opportunities than I thought were possible.
I practice daily her incredibly powerful and easy to do life transformational method, L-7. Now, I manifest all my dreams into reality. I utilize the teachings to blaze new trails and overcome adversity.

In short, thank you for providing the vehicle for blessed people such as Miracle to truly make a difference in people's lives as well as the world.

2015/09/23  azraella
After feeling lost and hopeless for a was refreshing to talk to someone who knew so much without needing much. I definitely look forward to our upcoming session.

2015/09/23  CeciliaP
Thank you so much for your reading you have helped me in every way possible understand what needs to change in my life and what can happen in the future if i changed. you are honestly the sweetest reader and is always spot on to every situation thank you!

2015/09/27  Rose77
Miracle is hands down one of the most extraordinary and universally gifted messengers I've ever been blessed to know.

She's truly a miracle in and of itself! She's given me so much to look forward to. She's taught me that I can move mountains and achieve and dream or wish I could ever imagine. She's guided me through every one of life's little problems to conquer it with such hope and promise!

She's created her own 7 keys which have transformed my life into something extraordinary! She's so incredibly accurate and compassionate! She's able to tune into any and all of life's worries! I love that she's able to do readings in not one but many different ways for what might suit you as the best way of connecting. She's great through phone, chat and email readings. All of which I've had! She's amazing through all of them.

So incredibly accurate you won't believe it! You will never ever doubt her gift! She will prove to you time and time again that she is a true miracle worker!

Thank you so much for blessing my life with nothing but happiness and joy!

All My Love, Rose

2015/09/17  Dora43
The last month and a half has been really hard for me dealing with family problems and I felt like I had lost hope.

Your kind words reminded me to keep going and to fight for what is mine!

Thank you so much Miracle!

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