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Compassionate, Understanding, Attuned, Reliable, Trusting, Unity,

Welcome. My name is Leah. I have been doing Spiritual Readings for 10 years. I enjoy the Readings I do and specialize with enlightening my clients with information they have been seeking. My professional offerings are: spiritual counsellor, Tarot Cards, Aura Readings, Angel Cards, chakra cleansing, life guidance.

I especially enjoy the energy the cards bring to my clients. The cards will show aspects of your life, including relationships, love, family & career. Together we will get the answers you have been seeking.
I have been gifted a natural intuition that enables me to connect with individuals on many different levels.
My spirituality brings a deeper meaning to life, a sense of belonging and connecting with the universe. Living life spiritually increases my awareness of connecting with people. I listen to my intuition and follow my life path to help others and guide them.

Every reading is new and intriguing. You never know what messages the spirits and angels want to deliver. I love the energy and empowerment it brings to my clients. My eagerness is to help my clients see things that are unclear or which direction
should be taken next. I will answer the questions they have been seeking and what may be holding them back.

We are all messengers but not in tune on how to deliver them. I was gifted with the ability to share these messages thru my readings, guidance and counseling. I enjoy sharing that with my clients. Giving clients the power to feel uplifted is a gift and privilege I give back. We are all human and deserve to
have someone listen without judgement or being criticized. That is within my nature.

This is just a natural feeling that I�ve had for years. I�ve studied and practiced my deliverance. If you feel and are aware of the gifts the universe puts in front of you, you can use that in the best way possible & I love using that ability towards my clients.
My intentions are to keep my clients enthusiastic and looking forward to their reading. They deserve that. I enjoy the energy from people & I look forward to talking with them and giving them the most positive, uplifting reading and guidance, I can offer.

Giving readings is what I was meant to be doing.
I am the resource you've been seeking. I want to share my gift with you.

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Friday May 24, 2019

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