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2020-02-20  Nikki
This woman was so spot on errrrmugush! Love her to death now lets see what's in store for me!

2020-01-19  Kiddo
Kat is so precise and is always there when you need her. she has been accurate from the start and everything she has said is starting to unfold she is nice and she really cares she says things without me even telling her anything love her to pieces please try her you will love her

09/11/2019  KC
I think Kat was right on the money and said things she couldnt have known unless she's gifted she knew things without me telling her a thing and I thank her in this difficult time. I've lost something I can/t get back and her talking to me through chat was very soothing and comforting I loved it and would highly recommend her besides she was so accurate and the real deal please try her so that you to can see what I'm talking about and you'll agree

04/22/2018  REN
Once again thank you for your advice, I am really glad I did not confront as you were right, does not solve anything.... Once again thank you for all. You are truly amazing!!!!!

2017/06/05  D
Kat, Is so awesome as a reader and she has become a friend. Love you

2017/05/18  DOP
I just love her!! she is the best person. Her vibe is positive and funny and warm. Did I say on point, on point. Love ya!!

2017/05/05  Dove
Kat, Is truly my personal muse. I learn something of great value ever time I speak with her. She has wisdom that is off the hook. It feels more like advise from a wise woman. Thanks, Kat!

2017/04/28  Gwendolyn
Excellent reading again! Love her!

2016-11-28  Claudia
I have been chatting with Kat since over a decade and there was never a dull moment. She has an absolute positive spirit and she can feel your energy. She is not sugar coating and she can tell you bluntly if he or she comes back or not or to chase something which has 'no future'. However she is THE master in manifesting and I can strongly recommend her. She will teach you manifesting as well as being patient... both 'belong' together. Rome was not built in one day, neither a relationship nor a business. If you listen to her,and believe in her advice and psychic reading, then you are in a safe place.

2014-01-24  AN
Thank you for all of the wonderful messages. You really picked up on a lot of things about me. Also thank you for compliment on my name. It was also nice to meet you.

2014-11-18  Irene
Always awesome!!! Honest & to the point!

2014-11-02  Isi
Very Helpful.Thank you for your time and insight. I am thankful for your kind words and encouragement.

2014-08-28  Jennifer USA

2014-05-24  Kris
There's no doubt that the gifts you have are extraordinary... The best part is that you are so connected with me that I feel you are a friend...a soul sista...who's always guiding and loving and with an amazing ability to make you laugh...the ability to get you to see the whole picture...what you are capable of and what you need to obtain the outcome you want. Blunt and honest with extreme accuracy makes your psychic abilities top notch. You never cease to amaze me and come through for me in any and every possible situation. Thank you from the bottom of my have helped me more than you know.

2014-05-16  Mary
Thank you Kat for the great reading, I am going to be patient and do what you suggested In regards to T. Definitely helped ease my mind and will be back again to update you and for any other issues I may have and need guidance. I felt very comfortable with the chat. Thank you again. You're an angel.

2014-05-14  Amit
Hi Kat, compliments for a great reading . . . thank you so much for coming online today. Thank you for the clarification, and I feel confident. Thank you for your guidance and help from you and your guides, I really appreciate it. I will talk to you again maybe in few days time. Thank you Kat!!!! Your friend, A :)

2014-04-27  Chris
No testimonial will do you enough justice, but here's mine! Kat is no ordinary reader. I came to her initially expecting a quick-fix type psychic reading. Instead she opened up a whole new world for me, showing me that I have the power to change my life with faith & patience. My life has already changed drastically in unexpected ways--I feel more at peace and more upbeat. Kat is direct and no-nonsense, but also giving, honest, and patient. Be prepared to be moved & to laugh! Most of all, be prepared to meet a great friend!

2014-04-25  Rachel
Kat is amazing! I could wait hours to days to talk to her because she has such reliable updates and messages. She has taught me so much about energy work and how important it is in order to really achieve your desires. Although I'm still learning I have seen a big difference over the years since I been talking with Kat. She not only has a gift of psychic abilities she is also a friend, and a spiritual mentor. I always feel so positive and refreshed after talking with Kat that I consistently go to her for advice, guidance or questions about everything! I highly recommend Kat!!

2014-04-22  Nat
Hey, Kat. Thank you for coming online last night, I really appreciated it :)

You have been the biggest single influence on my life in recent years, and whilst I know its been a hard slog for me to change my stubborn ways, I do finally feel like it's all now coming together. I don't think I can put into words how much you've helped and supported me. xoxo

2014-03-31  Monica
I feel so much better after chatting, venting, and receiving your insight and advice. It really helps me get through this!! I can't thank you enough, Kat!!

2014-03-31  Amit
Thank you so much Kat for stopping by today as i requested for a reading with me. I really got all the answers now that i needed to seek from you in terms of J. As you can see, i really needed to discuss with you asap before asking Jg out on a date as one of the readers you know who mentioned something different so i got confused here then. But again, thank you so much for your clarification and wonderful service to me. Your readings are always fun, enjoyable and funny and very knowledgable and a great person to talk to. Thanks Kat!!! Your friend, Amit

2013-11-6  Juni
Kat has so much energy and flows and flows, she makes you feel so good about yourself and life and you can't help but live that energy, she is like a great friend and this is first I have met her. I totally recommend Kat. Thank you so much to a wonderful angel for a great reading xxx

Kat is an excellent reader
If you are looking for a reader, I would definitely consider choosing Kat.
She is highly intuitive, a great listener, and really helps you listen to that "inner voice" to make decisions and see life situations with clarity

The thing I love about Kat is that she encourages you to have faith, to give up stressing on timeline, and to heal whatever we are worried about. She is not just a good psychic, but a good friend as well

I have been using the Psychic Contact site for a few years now. I am so blessed to have made a friend like Kat. She has helped so much over the last few years, I dont know what I would have done without her. She give a caring and accurate reading to questions that I couldn't answer myself. She is a good person and a good friend. Anyone who takes a reading with her will be very glad they did

"Kat is awesome...she actually cares for you and wants to help you...I always look forward to my next chat session with her"...

I would travel to South Dakota in the winter for a reading with you. Thank you for everything. I can't always articulate it as well as I'd like to, but there is something so otherworldly about you; it is almost like talking with an angel. Seriously. But one with a great sense of humor! My utmost respect and admiration to you, Kat

Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Celtic Cross Tarot, Dream Interpretation,Teacher, Life Coach, Manifesting, Holocreation , Holistic Healing, Spirit Guides & Spirit Guide Messages, Omens & Signs, Numerology and Astrology

Clairvoyant from childhood, Kat was born into a family of great psychics. Given a Tarot Deck that was handed down generations from Great, Great Grandpoppa, Kat began reading Celtic Cross Tarot over 25 years ago astounding those around her not only with the incredible accuracy of these cards but also with her natural, uncanny ability to know and feel the scenarios present around others, known to her or unknown. Kat is a God based psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudiant and clairsensiant.....A Christian / Buddhist, an avid reader and follower of Chopra and Dyer and a loyal follower of the Readings of the Great Psychic and Healer, Edgar Cayce. She believes in the Holistic approach to this Physical Life in the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit. She is truly renowned for her Knowingness & Clairvoyant Dreams and dream interpretation. The Dreams began in childhood and continue getting stronger and stronger each day, continually giving warnings and information for herself and those around her.

Currently Kat is teaching Manifesting and Holocreation as well as Introduction to Tarot. You are welcome to come to chat for instructions on these topics as well. Kat also has a science background and can teach you how energy does work in the Universe through the process of Physics and Quantum Physics.

If you are ready to unlock the secrets of Manifesting your own Destiny with the power of your mind, then you are ready to meet Kat.
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