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intuitive empath, Tarot, Numerology, crystal

Intuitive empath, tarot, crystal medicine
I give you clear answers to all your relationship questions whether it be intimate, work-related, family or even that special someone who is smiling at you from across the room.
Do you have questions about another’s level of desire for you, honesty, loyalty or just want to know what someone is thinking or planning?
Are you at a crossroads, not really sure which path is best for you? Which job, which career, should I stay or go? What do I need to do to create my dreams, my heart’s desire?
Below are some examples of great questions for truly creating what you desire.
• How can I attract the perfect partner?
• How can I make my dreams come true?
• What is wrong with me?
• How can I love my life?
• Why I cannot get control of my weight?
I am additionally great at answering questions about past life, soul journey, dream interpretation and much, much more.

When you get a tarot reading with me you learn the truth. Now you can make better decisions. Take back your power! You not only get fast answers but you also learn what action to take for creating the results you desire. It’s easy when you know what to do.
Isn’t it time to move forward in life with confidence? Are you ready to make decisions that get the love you deserve? Let’s heal and evolve together!

CRYSTAL MEDICINE is also available. I am very knowledgeable about the healing properties of crystals. Just ask and I will prescribe to you a crystal stone or stones and how to wear them to support you in any journey.
Crystals all have different properties, addressing various issues, needs, dysfunctions, desires and so on, such as...

Managing emotions, attracting love and money, perpetuating spiritual healing from any and all abuse, speaking with courage and empowerment, focusing on an important project, overcoming addiction, and so, so much more.

Using my tarot cards in combination with our communication about what you want to attract, heal or change, I will suggest the perfect crystal or crystals for you and give you instructions on how to wear and use them for creating the benefits you desire.

As an educated anthropologist and divorced grandmother of 4 adult children, I have lots of life experience. I am a lifestyle designer, world traveler, and a harvester of a joyous life.
Additionally, I am a gifted reader and teacher of the tarot since 1999 when I woke up one morning with a premonition voice telling me I will soon be a great tarot card reader, teacher, and writer. Within a year I was doing all those things although before that morning I knew almost nothing about these fascinating and multi-faceted cards.

Imagine yourself overcoming some of the traumas I have healed from. The possibilities include severe childhood abuse, adult obesity, domestic, narcissistic and sociopathic abuse, victim and scarcity thinking, self-hatred and loathing, self-defeating cycles and chronic abuse.
I got you! I know what you are going through. You can get control and make a change.
I have tapped into the secret of using the tarot cards and their mysteries for creating a dream life.

There is no guarantee you will have the same results as I have experienced but when you come to my tarot table you will receive what you need. I will not tell you what you want to hear. I will tell you the truth. It is up to you to take the truth and move forward in your highest good.

Using the symbols of the tarot, my empathic intuition and psychic abilities I blend my skills to create clear answers and best action to take. Walk away with tools for creating all the joy you want as well as clarity of how to create the future you desire.

Imagine every morning waking up and excited about your life. Let’s not wait another minute.
Isn’t it time to invest in yourself? Click now and let’s begin your future.

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Special E-mail Reading is available ($19.99)
you will receive a 5 card, Four Directions tarot reading addressing any topic you desire. You will receive your email with a detailed reading, photo of the spread, and your personally chosen, healing crystal/s along with a customized explanation of why and how to use the crystals.