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2019/08/30  Layla
Haven is the best I have talked to in awhile. She gives you accurate details about the person in question and it is not vague at all, so you will know that she's telling the truth with her gifted skills. I would highly recommend her! She is my go to person now! Love you Haven you're an angel.

2018-09-16  Sara
Back in January 2013, I wanted to get pregnant and Haven told me it would happen within 3 months. She also said it would be a boy and he'd be a politician (very diplomatic and well-liked). She felt his energy very strongly! Well, I got pregnant a month later. It WAS a boy and he's loved and adored by everyone. He's this amazing leader with so much charisma (at 5 years old!). His teacher said he's the glue that holds the class together. She was so right and he wasn't even conceived yet. Haven is amazing. She's been so accurate on all my readings.

2018-05-15  ekjclown
great reading, right on. she was able to shed a lot of insight. after a couple of minutes, i felt more at peace with knowing what is going on.... Thank you so much

2018-05-14  Angel
I forgot I wanted to let you know that I did get the new job position just like you said I would. You even told me it would be between April 10th and 15th and it was right on the 10th that I got it! You also told me I would love it and I do! You are so awesome Ms. Lady! :D

2018-04-30  ekjclown
thank you again haven for all the wonderful help... love love chatting with you as your readings are easy for me to understand and clear... thanks again for the great info

2018-11-05  lsimmo06
Haven Is always great. When I am feeling down and I chat with her, I start feeling so much better. She knows how to lift my spirit.She help me work though something that I almost gave up on.

2017-06-02  dove4peace
Haven, beautiful and accurate she is awesome.

2017-04-24  Alethea
Namaste and Blessings!! Awesome reading as usual. Have a great week!!Thanks:)

2016-12-31  dove4peace
Haven, Very clear and open. She touched on some things that other readers did not. Excellent!!

2016-12-19  Alethea
Didn't get a chance to say Namaste, aho and blessings!!! Thank you so much, it is always so uplifting message. Hope you have a great evening!

2016-12-05  lsimmo06
Haven, Thank you so much for the chat. You are always helpful and insightful about the situation. Thank you for helping me to get my life back on track.

2016-11-05  lsimmo06
I alway enjoy my reading with Haven. She has a comforting spirit. Thank you for your help

2016-07-26  smdzunik
Haven you are marvelous darling. I am going to use you again because you are trustworthy, accurate and you don't sugar coat anything

2016-04-02  CindyM09
Haven is very funny and makes me laugh about life and is very calming to my spirit and encouraging

2016-01-16  ymnb
She knew things I did not tell her and was able to give me information that will be helpful. Thank you!!

2016-01-15  yaa
She knew things I did not tell her and was able to give me information that will be helpful. Thank you!!

2015-07-21  Jonique
You don't understand how much I appreciate you Haven. I looked through my account and we have been talking for years lol. You are like my online bestie lol but I truly thank you. You have eliminated so much stress off me and I always trust your word.

2015-06-13  Patience
I like talking to Haven, she makes you feel happy.

2015-06-02  Goldiewich
Thank you, Haven! I appreciated your encouraging and supportive words.

2015-05-24  imanirutledge1996
Great and very accurate

2015-03-28  nizab631
Really great and very sweet. Will come again soon.

2015-02-07  Johanna
Great reading, very intuned. described my bf to a T, and our relationship. Will be back again. Didn't get to say Thank you for chatting with me.

2015-01-17  Jerrita
Thank you so much. What you said to me eased my mind. You described his situation exactly how it is. How she acted already and what would happen. You told me , what she already threatened to do. He told me so. Thank you.

2014-12-23  kezz
her answers were right and i would recommend her readings

2014-09-24  Kimberly
Thank you so very much . . . I really needed to hear something positive like this!

2014-09-17  Kimberly
Thank you Haven . . . very understanding of my plight and seemed to have insight into our problem. But most of all, thanks for giving the hope for both love and my children that I so desperately needed!

2014-07-30  Jonique
Hi Haven I miss you and hope everything is going well. Just wanted to tell you that you were right I'm having a BOY Jan 21 2015! Maybe it will be a Christmas or New Years bday. See you soon blessings and love

2014-07-30  Angel
You were wonderful, as usual! Thank you!

2014-07-18  Jennifer
Very accurate and in tune. Straightforward and honest. Very truthful and lots of details. Great reader.

2014-07-16  Crystal
Haven you are truly an inspiration. Thanks for going through this with me. Times are tough but you are really keeping me grounded. God Bless You.

2014-07-09  Crystal
Haven is wonderful. She is so calming and nurturing to the soul. I feel like her predictions will come to pass and I will live the fairytale with my prince charming. Nothing in life is always roses or guaranteed and Haven is good about pointing that out. She is in tune to his mood and understands my fears. I look forward to her time frames coming to pass. Thanks again Haven.

2014-07-06  Chrissy
Haven you are truly the best. You are really helping to keep me grounded right now. I need that. Thanks again.

2014-07-04  chrissy
Haven was wonderful to chat with. Very calming and helpful. She confirmed my feelings and helped me to feel more relaxed about my situation. We will talk again.

2014-05-01  turtledove
I really enjoyed chatting with Haven. Great advice. I will definitely contact her again.

2013-12-14  CindyM09
Hi Haven,Thank you for another wonderful reading. I always feel good after we chat,and I love how you always bless me before it ends that's so sweet. Talk soon:)

2013-12-02  james2244
Thank you she was very accurate kind and straight to the point honest and no sugar coating. Thank you

2013-08-14  CindyM09
Haven you were one of the first people I talked to on here, you make me laugh and you teach me along the way. Love and Light to you always.


2013-8-10  jojo301071
thank you for keeping me positive and all will be good.

2013-06-28  Magie
Haven is an old friend of mine, Always compassionate and caring, and has a lot of patience! When chatting with her I get honest answers and this has helped me a lot during the years. Thank you for being there for us, Haven!


2013-03-13  33grafixgirl
excellent! thank you so much!

2013-03-06  Alena
I have thankful, She is real psycic, She said things that nly i know and predicted relationship and move to a new palce.

2013-02-20  Monique
I did get cut off, and well, had browser issues. ButI am never disappointed when I chat with you. I have been back three times, and you leave me with a sense of calm. I am so grateful. Thank you so much for your ongoing compassion. You have no idea the impact that it has!

2013-02-20  Chee
Thanks Haven for her reading. She is guided by angel to tell me things. Thanks for her angels as well. I appreciate that.

2013-02-17  Carol
Haven has given me the courage to fight for my relationship again when I was so down and insecure about what is going on. I valued her total honesty regarding the family interference and will be back

2013-01-01  Jassoni
Haven has been wonderful! We totally connect and she understands me. She knows so much before I even have to say anything. I love how honest she is. She gives the good and the bad without sugar coating but she is one of the sweetest persons I know

2012-12-06  Janet
Almost 5 months ago Haven told me my former lover/boyfriend would break up with his present girlfriend and come back to me and I know that he definitely has broken up with her ... I am now looking forward to being with him again. She saw this months ago! She was correct as usual!

2012-11-29  Elizabeth
Dear Haven, Thank you for the reading, and for being so honest! I really appreciate it, even though it's hard to hear....and it's going to be very hard for me to choose. I'd always assumed I could have both, and he would be happy for me...whilst forgetting his controlling personality. I'd hoped he would change, but... Thank you for pointing this out to me, definitely something I need to think over. Blessings to you! Elizabeth

2012-11-24  Janice
I reached out to Haven four months ago regarding an old boyfriend after I found out he was in a relationship and she told me we would be back together some day and everything points towards that happening. I just love to just talk to her every once in awhile. Helps me stay calm and positive!

2012-11-11  Dalia
Thank you Haven for your insight. I really appreciate your help at difficult times. You told me things confirmed by other advisers & other things like meeting him and it happened that's why I always come back for new readings with you. Thank you again and I will let you know when he contacts me.

2012-10-21  Bridget
Haven is so awesome! :) thanks so much i really enjoyed my time with you today i will be back as always:) hugs :)

2012-10-04  jayne
I want to take the opportunity again to let everyone know that you are lovely & gifted. Thank you so much! Jayne.

2012-10-04  Jayne
Thank you so much , You are a lovely person! You have helped me a great deal, I think it will also help greatly in time too. I will come back soon :) Jayne.

8-10-12  Bridget
Haven thanks for everything , i really enjoyed chatting with you so much. i enjoy your friendship Have a Blessed day you n your family i will be in touch hugs.

8-2-12  Bridget
she is awesome we connected really well love her will be back

7-31-12  jessica
Haven, was great to talk to, she is very accurate.. knew things about me that i didn't tell her. that's when you know you have connected with someone.. thanks agian, haven i'll be back to let you know how things go....

7-29-12  Tina
You are very gentle & kind. Thanks. You're wonderful!

7-23-12  peaches6
loved Haven she is really down to earth, we connected really well-- will be back.

7-7-12  Elizabeth
Haven is a very honest and compassionate reader who really goes the extra mile for her clients. She will not sugarcoat any issues and is wiling and able to help people make positive changes in their lives.

7-7-12  shanese
Hi there, I never got a chance to thank you for your reading last night. You gave me hope that I might get the guy that I want. Hope your predictions come true! Have a great night.

06-26-12  violet
She was very intune with my situation. She didn't make up silly things that sound like they fit the situation. Everything was very reasonable and accurate. I'm sure her predicitons will pan out and will come back to report when they do. Thank You for the insight you put my mind at ease.

2012-05-28  Deborah
Thanks. You were very open, honest about the questions I asked. You didn't sugarcoat anything. You've given me lots to think about. You could see everything.

2012-05-10  Sara
Thank you very much haven. I believe someone else is going to come too. I will focus and hope that he has all the right qualities for me. I believe he will have them. I will wait for July to come with hope and a positive mind! Thank you very much for your guidance and help! Much love, as always.


3/19/12  unknown
Thank you Haven. I know it was a short reading, but within that short amount of time you were able to ease my heavy heart, and give me reassurance to stay grounded and patient in love. Thank you again.

1-31-12  lauren
Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me about the things going on in my life. It was so easy to talk to you. I will come back again. Thank you!

12-27-11  andrew
We had spoken a couple days ago about selecting a college and you came up with Purdue as a place I would excel at. Weirdly enough, I spoke to one other psychic on this site and she selected the exact same school!! That has got to mean something!! haha Anyway, I just wanted to truly thank you for our conversation which was invaluable to me. It truly put me at peace with making my final decision and I know I will return to you in the near future to have further conversations about my life's path. Until we speak again I hope everything is wonderful for you! Thanks again for all that you do. - Andrew

12/21/11  pamela
Thank you for the reading, you tuned well into my situation. thank you for the chat about my son to, its nice to talk to someone who understands what i am dealing with. Thanks again, happy christmas

2010/12/19  unknown
it is such a pleasure to have found this reader. thank you for your time..

2010/08/06  unknown
For: Haven. Hello, thanks for all your kinds words and advice. You were really to the point and it helped settle many things going thru my head. And you were so accurate! All that you said meant a lot to me. Will come back and chat with you again

2010/6/11  A
Haven was amazingly accurate throughout my reading. She told me that I was due for a raise and promotion. I was told just 3 days ago that I had got a raise and a promotion. She was spot on regarding timing on a personal issue. I am very excited about her predictions and look forward in anticipation and hope to the future

Haven is bookmarked as my favorite psychic on your site :)

2009/01/25  unknown
Hi Haven
Thanks for your message. We had a good time last night and like you suggested I let it go and enjoyed his company doing my best to ignore what I wanted to talk about, it was hard but we did have a great time so that was great. At the moment I cant see him moving from his situation because he says he doubts he can find the courage and I dont know what can make him move out of that. I just have to let it be and let him work it out.

Thanks again.

2009/01/03  unknown
Just wanted to leave feedback that Haven is one of the best psychics I have ever met A wonderful and caring person

2009/06/15  unknown
Haven is a good reader. Try her!

2007/11/25  unknown
It is very easy to tell if the psychic is real or not; first you can feel it; second did they ask you many questions. Haven almost never ask question but then start typing right away. And time tells me, she is really gifted. Not just the prediction is true, she is a very caring friend. Many times when i was in the dark, thanks for her hand to pull me back and show me the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks again and again; she will be my life long friend.

2007/07/20  unknown
I have been talking with Haven for few years already, she is always So Good; always.

2005/06/20  unknown
Dear Haven, you are right, he did bring something for me, two in fact, a silver table decoration... and string of pearls, which he gave a bit later. We also had lunch together and had great fun together. I hope things continue to be so... I know I must learn to think positively. Hope to chat again soon, when I have more to say. Thanks again for the moral support, take care

2005/02/10  unknown
Haven, I just wanted to say thanks again for the reading you did for me on July 29th. I've read over it several times and it gives me comfort as I still struggle with my feelings about my situation. Part of me doubts yet part of me believes. I don't worry about the business...I know that will be's the emotional aspect of the relationship that is difficult. But I always remind myself that God and the Universe are benevolent and it will all make sense...eventually!
Many hugs and many thanks.

Empathic, Tarot, Relationship Guide, Life Coach.

Welcome Friends:

I am a natural born Psychic and Empathic. My specialty is life coach, dating, and relationships. For 30 years I has been helping and guiding people towards the ultimate goal of the realization of their full potential.

As a Renowned Master Psychic and Life Coach I offer help. My intention driven approach yields some rather unusual suggestions for betterment. Allow me to drive and trust me to improve your situation -- you'll feel better almost immediately.

My abilities are a gift from God and it's through His guidance I'm able to answer your questions accurately while providing a new path towards resolution and peacefulness

Coincidences are opportunities for the Universe to open doors and pave our paths; Intentions allow us to realize our full potential as we travel our path.

Coincidence has brought us together. Intention will propel you to resolution. Intentions manifest as material objects or emotional notes. Let's make some good intentions for you. Let the Journey begin today.

Our journey together will take you along some emotional detours but ultimately you will realize your goals, dreams and desires. You will go through changes creating confusion at times but at the finish of our adventure you will be able to lead a more successful, healthier and happier life. Change and growth are normal and necessary in life although not always comfortable. You will open your mind and heart to new possibilities and realize that the end result is not as unattainable as it now appears. I will guide you through these tribulations with love and compassion as your Life Adviser and (most importantly) your Friend. You will never feel alone. You will always feel loved.

Thank you in advance for choosing me to share this experience with you.

With your full attention and focus together we will find your truth and bring you a centered calm.

Blessings To You My Seekers

"Failure is the Journey. Success is the Destination"

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