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Vedic Astrologer, Life Coach, Empath, Relationship Guide

Hey everyone,

My name is Finn. :)

Are you feeling lost, uncertain, or in need of guidance?

In 2014, I definitely was feeling that way. During that year, as I searched for answers regarding life path and purpose, amazement overcame me when I discovered an ancient Vedic Astrology text called Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra.

It was then that my world transformed as I understood the intimate dance between celestial bodies and our earthly affairs, giving me reverence for the power, magic, and mysticism that breathes through The God Creation.

I was in awe that this ancient system of Astrology could accurately pinpoint everything about myself, friends, and family, revealing intimate details regarding our relationships, families, educations, spirituality, travel, weaknesses, strengths, and more!

Feeling called to dive deeper, my intuition guided me through hundreds of hours of research across the next five years, allowing me to master Vedic Astrology & its many aspects. I even went on to attain a B.A. in Vedic Astrology from the American Academy of Vedic Arts and Sciences.

With all this experience, I have been featured as an expert on the subject in publications such as INSIDER and Bustle, and given readings to over 400 clients worldwide, helping them find cosmic guidance in their earthly lives.

Have a Reading with me to align yourself with the celestial currents to sail smoothly through any challenges life gives you. In doing so, I know you will flow effortlessly towards abundance.

TODAY IS: Sunday Nov 29, 2020
Tuesday Dec 01, 2020

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