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Modern Day Mystic, Spiritual Advisor, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient Empath

Peace and Blessings to everyone. I was resurrected on an Easter Sunday Morning.

I say resurrected because it seems my soul has always known it was here before and things had really changed since the last time. I have always had an inner knowing about things in this world beyond your average understanding. Kinda made me feel crazy and different because

I always knew things about situations that I wasn't even trying to know. For a while, I could not explain it. As I learned to read and go to school I began to realize that education would help me understand more about all these things that

I knew and felt and saw and heard but not others around me could relate to. After church and secular schools, I came upon a magazine about a school that taught metaphysical sciences, and from that moment on the world began to make sense to me.

I really learned about my gifts and my purpose. The world unfolded to me everything now made sense.
Now I know how to use my gifts to help others on their life journey, with personal growth and development, relationship insights, career advice, and spiritual guidance. I am highly intuitive using all four of the clairs.

I also use tarot cards, crystals, and pendulum just to name a few of the things I use for divination.

TODAY IS: Tuesday Jan 18, 2022
Thursday Jan 20, 2022

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