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2019-03-23  Alethea
The reading she gave was amazing while still being honest and to the point. I would highly recommend her.

Medium, Paranormal, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Love and Relationships

Hi And Welcome To My Profile, I am a third generation Psychic Medium and I came into my gifts shortly after the untimely passing of my father. I use the assistance of my Spirit Guides to relate messages from the spirit world through symbols of the Tarot cards, pictures of images that will assist in sending you on a path to clarity and happiness. In my readings I do a scan of your energy points known as your charkas and I pick up any blockages that may be hindering you, I also am able to clear any paranormal energy that may be hanging on to your environment.

My style is both compassionate and straight forward, I am here to guide you and though I may relate things that are difficult to hear, I only have the best intentions. I do have some requests when you come into a reading with me that you open your mind and spirit, I also have very high standards and am very ethical and you can be assured our readings stay between us.

I also ask that No Medical, Legal or Financial Advice be asked as I am unable to provide that information, If you are having any medical emergency or otherwise please call your physician, hospital or local authorities. Above all I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you and I truly am thankful you are entrusting me with your heart

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