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2017-09-09  CindyM09
Hi Joan! You are just a pleasure to get a reading from. You are really good and I look forward to catching up soon!

2017-07-16  patycakes19
Thank you for such a nice reading!! Very accurate details of the guy I asked about and super easy to talk to! :-)

Empath, Spiritual Teacher, Spirit Guides & Spirit Animals, Twin flame / Soulmates, Angel Channeling, Runes

My name is Celestial Joan- I thank you for visiting my page!

I am a genetically gifted Psychic Medium, and was taught from an early age to excel with my spiritual gifts and talents. I was originally taught Shamanistic approaches by my grandmother, who is a Mohawk medicine woman that passed her knowledge of many generations down to me. She taught me medicine card reading, and about Spirit animals / Power animals. So I associate most people and spiritual beings with animals, including one's chakras. I do this by inspecting each chakra and seeing what animal appears from it or resides within it.

Then, I started to become familiar with a Wiccan/White Witch approach from my other side of my family, as well as Reiki and spirit healing. I then gained a deep knowledge of crystals and herbs, as well as past life regressions, channeling and aura reading.

Along with this, I had a mentor for several years who increased my natural born talents of clairvoyance, clairaudience, Tarot reading, and my ability to see deep into others. Then after practicing on many people I started getting into the Twin flames / Soulmate / Life Partner regions of peoples lives, and learned how to see them and what they are physically like.

After going on my own for several years I discovered the loving presence that is Angels, and use my channeling gift to better commune with them. (Especially the Archangels!)

Now I can also do other methods and practices to help others, besides the ones listed above, like:

Angel readings
Love + Relationship
Pendulum readings
Dream interpretation
Subconscious readings
Psychic readings
Destiny / Life Path

If any topic you wish to discuss with me isn't here, you can always run your topic by me and I will most likely have experience in that area, and there is no topic for me too big or too small!

Although I do most of my psychic work without the need of tools or practices, I will use any you prefer during a reading if you wish.

I am a compassionate and gentle reader, who values emotional engagement to those I read, and provide the most accurate information.

Thank you in advance for checking out my page, and if you decide I am a match for your reading needs then I look forward to helping you in your life!

Merry Met and Brightest Blessings!

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