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05/30/2018  Alexani
Aleon is just amazing. She read into the situation perfectly, was able to relieve my mind and tell me whats currently going on and what is on the cards down the road. She is such a lovely lady, its like have a chat with a friend. I highly recommend you get a reading from her, you wont be disappointed.

2018-01-20  setz04
Simply Wonderful. Aleon is a fabulous lady. She tunes into your situation beautifully and talks to you as if you've been friends for years. She is kind, warm, compassionate and best of all, a cheerleader for you!!!!

07/02/2017  Cassheat
Aleon is AMAZING! She always has a positive, calm, grounding presence throughout the reading and is very quick to tune into the situation. She is always compassionate throughout the reading and allows you to express your concerns without judgement. I would highly recommend! X

2017-06-30  baldi2016
I have gotten a few readings with Aleon and she's been very good picking up the situation and very kind. Thanks so much!

03/08/2017  storemaven
Aleon is one of the best and most empathetic readers you will find. Her use of the unique Egyptian stones really adds clarity to all the readings. She is pleasant, upbeat and really invested in connecting with and helping her clients. Her positive energy can always be felt. You will not be disappointed!

2/27/2017  Angel41468
Aleon is simply the best. She is always there for me when I need her. I instantly feel at peace the minute I see that she is online. She is able to reassure me and put my mind at ease whenever I am feeling stressed out or confused. She has always been spot on since day one. She has become a close friend over the past few months since I started speaking with her. She is a friendly, kind, generous and honest person. She has always kept it real with me. Good or bad which I think is the most important thing. I know that I can trust her to tell me the truth not just what I want to hear. She is just amazing! Love her!!

01/11/2017  Alethea
Thank you so much Aleon for such a caring and honest session. It was right on what was happening! Blessings!!!

Reader of ancient Egyptian Stones, Spirit Guides, Clairvoyant,channeling, Scrying, Lucid Dreams, Hypnosis Automatic Writing, Aura Reading

Hello, I am Aleon, purveyor of good energy, joy and love. Intuitive, empathetic, sensitive and compassionate, I have spent a lifetime refining these skills. As a child I experienced deja vu, past life recall and had visions that would come true. Energy work, seeing auras and going into trance came natural to me and as I entered college I started studying everything metaphysical I could get my hands on. I studied Philosophy and Psychology at the University, while I read my Tarot Cards for my dorm mates. I donated time to help students studying ESP, telepathy and transcendental meditation, continuing to study and read everything I could. I attribute my natural clairvoyant skills to my ancestral blend of Irish gypsy and Native American. I believe that I carry the knowledge of my ancestors in my very cells and that this is a divine gift, that I take very seriously.
I receive pictures, sounds and visions when I connect to your energy. The spiritual guides that I work with have been with me my entire life and help me through energy, vibration and light. I specialize in love, soul connection and relationships, and look forward to helping guide you on your path.
Experienced in hypnosis, including group hypnosis with 6 other psychics, taught me to connect to energy and my guides in trance. While in trance I began experiencing automatic writing, past life regression and found I have a special tie to Atlantis and ancient Egypt.
Currently I have been teaching meditation classes, conducting group hypnosis, pulling women together for inner goddess gatherings and getting people to embrace their inner child. I also read ancient Egyptian stones, these stones help me tap into my intuitive being and have proven to be very successful in helping me, help other people. I found these stones in the bottom, of a box of dusty Egyptian artifacts, at an estate sale of a man who studied everything Egypt. The minute I put them in my hands, I knew I had to work with them. I took three years and studied and worked with the stones until I felt comfortable with them. I carry these stones and my crystal ball with me at all times and while I read for you they will both be at my side.
Love, positive energy and light,

TODAY IS: Tuesday Nov 30, 2021
Thursday Dec 02, 2021

Special E-mail Reading is available ($)
I'm offering a "Raw Reading" which is a spread of 3 tarot cards and one ancient Egyptian Stone. I will take a photo of the spread along with my impressions and automatic writings for you. Each reading is personalized, dated and comes from the subconscious. I'd love to do a reading for you - Aleon

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